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Title: REPORT: Russia Moving Warships Into Syrian Waterse
Post by: DejaVu on November 18, 2011, 04:42:20 pm
REPORT: Russia Moving Warships Into Syrian Waters

Nick Jardine | Nov. 18, 2011

Russia is preparing to move warships into Syrian waters, according to reports in Israeli newspaper H'aaretz.

The move was allegedly announced by a Syrian news agency. It has not been confirmed at the time of writing.

The warships are reportedly being readied as Moscow sends a message that Russia is opposed to international intervention putting an end to disturbances in Syria. Russia used a UN Security Council veto in October to block a resolution that would have condemned Syria's President Bashir Assad for the violence.

If true, the move shows an increasingly brazen attitude by the Russian armed forces.

Earlier this month a Russian official warned that western intervention in Iran would be a "very serious mistake", and just yesterday a Russia military chief warned that its border disputes had the potential to end in nuclear conflict.


Oh please tell me the Obama administration, with the recent military expansion into Australia, isn't heading us right into WWIII and Armageddon! >:(